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Deliberative Workshop on Solar PV Development in Hong Kong: Prospects and Policy Challenges

About the Centre: Our Mission and Plans

The Asian Energy Studies Centre (AESC) (renamed in September 2014; previously the Hong Kong Energy Studies Centre) is a university-supported Category-II research centre based in the Faculty of Social Sciences at Hong Kong Baptist University. The AESC aims to be an internationally recognised hub for sustainable energy studies on the Asian region. We are committed to pursuing excellence in academic research in the areas of sustainable energy, with particular focus from the perspectives of governance in the Asian context. We promote informed energy decision-making and improve energy policies in this region, including Hong Kong, by creating new knowledge, providing practical policy recommendations, promoting knowledge exchange, and facilitating stakeholder engagement. We undertake interdisciplinary collaborative research projects, organize academic workshops, public seminars and other engagement events.

Governing Principles of the Centre

Independence: We conduct independent studies with the support of diverse funding sources.

Transparency: We strive to promote transparency of our Centre by

(1) disclosing information of our funding sources as much as possible; and

(2) disseminating our research outputs as widely as possible through our working paper series and project websites.

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Journal of Asian Energy Studies (JAES)
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AESC 2017-2018 Annual Report
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Faculty of Social Sciences, Hong Kong Baptist University
Department of Geography, Hong Kong Baptist University
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