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Dr. Daphne Mah is currently Director of the Asian Energy Studies Centre, and an Associate Professor at Department of Geography of Hong Kong Baptist University (HKBU). Dr. Mah researches social aspects of sustainable energy transitions, specialising in interdisciplinary research that cuts across the fields of energy technologies (smart grids, renewable energy, and nuclear power), energy governance, social acceptance, public engagement, and comparative policy studies across national, city, and community contexts in the Asian region, covering the mainland China, South Korea, Japan, and Hong Kong. Dr. Mah’s team has been highly active in research with 18 on-going or recently completed projects funded by the Hong Kong government, and several contracted studies funded by NGOs or utilities amounting to HK$~4.6 million. She has published widely in top-tier journals including Energy Research & Social Science; Energy Policy; Geoforum; Journal of Cleaner Production; Sustainable Development; Environmental and Planning C; and The China Review.

Dr. Mah was awarded the Chevening Scholarship for her studies in the UK.
She is a recipient of Faculty of Social Sciences’ (HKBU) Faculty Award for Early Career Academic (Research) 2014-2015. Before pursuing her academic career, she was a journalist in Ming Pao Daily News, and the head of the campaigns team of Friends of the Earth (Hong Kong).

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